Ylang-ylang blend

Posted by Blog Sunday, February 27, 2011

The following recipes are based on 1/2 ounce of base ol (jojoba or sweet almond). You may increase the proportions as needed. (I.e. double the amount of essential oils used for 1 ounce of base oil.) To make an undiluted hair oil blend from any of these recipes, combine 10 drops of each oil in a 4 ml amber bottle.

Ylang-ylang blend:
Add 2 drops lavender, 2 drops rose geranium, 2 drops
ylang-ylang, and 2 drops patchouli to 1/2 ounce base oil.
Relaxing, Conditioning Blend: Add 2 drops Roman chamomile, 2 drops
lavender, 2 drops sandal wood, and 1 drop jasmine absolute to 1/2 ounce


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