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The amount of iodine needed at different ages is well understood. Iodized salt has eliminated most of the iodine deficiency in the United States and Canada where intakes are now generally found to be adequate. About 11 percent of Americans are low in iodide, and about seven percent of pregnant women are deficient. Seaweed and fish are valuable sources of trace minerals including iodine. Fast foods, breads, and dairy products all may have iodine added to them during production.

Please refer to Table 13-1 for RDAs and adequate intakes (AI) for iodine. Dietary iodine is converted into the iodide ion before it is absorbed. The iodide is totally absorbed. The iodide not needed by the thyroid gland is cleared by the kidneys.

Table 13-1 RDAs and adequate intakes (AI) for iodine for all ages.

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